Precinct Delegates Q & A

What is a precinct?
The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country. As you know, the precinct is where elections are won and lost. It is your neighborhood. You know the people and you know what issues are most important to them.

What is a Precinct Delegate?
The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important yet least understood of any elected office. It is the active precinct delegate who wins elections for the Democratic Party.Precinct delegates are elected directly by the voters of each local voting precinct to serve as a “bridge” between voters and the Democratic organization itself. As a precinct delegate, you represent the Democratic Party in your neighborhood and you represent your neighborhood at Democratic Party meetings. As a Precinct Delegate, you should:

  • Vote at Democratic Party State, County, and Congressional District conventions.
  • Help Democrats get registered to vote.
  • Take information on issues and candidates to the voters in your precinct.
  • Identify other Democrats, and recruit new party members.
  • Help turn out the Democratic vote in your neighborhood on Election Day.
  • Keep Democratic leaders informed about the issues that concern voters.