tashawna gill - founder

       Tashawna Gill entered the Michigan's political landscape in 2013. After learning her duties as a precinct delegate, Tashawna felt it was important to train others for free. Since 2013 she has grown membership to over 4,000 members statewide. 

       Tashawna has also created a number of other powerful organizations which have helped to change the scope of elections in Michigan. Women for Michigan United, United Precinct Delegates, The Grassroots Caucus, The New Black Progressives, and Take Back MI 2020. She is also the Executive  Director of The African American Leadership Institute.  All organizations  aim to do one thing Empower the people. 

      Ms. Gill's belief is that everyone has a talent and  no campaign or movement can be successful without the grassroots. She strongly believes that the job of a good leader is to find that talent and nurture it. 





  • Our mission is to support and promote Precinct Delegates in the State of Michigan, address the political concerns of the Precinct Delegates and their  community, and educate them about current political issue so that they can share them with their community. 


  • Our immediate goal is to develop a strong Precinct Delegate infrastructure at the state level. This will allow us to focus our efforts on generating community empowerment and forming political policies, which will assist in improving education, public transportation, health care resources, and crime prevention in our communities.


Tashawna Gill - Founder speaks about leadership


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Precinct Delegates and grassroots organizer, in 2018, from around the state all worked overtime to make sure the job got done. 


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